Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have all color shades?
Welcome to our colorful world! Time Paints offers more than 1500 color shades, you need to visit our colors page and choose your favorite color shade.
What is the difference between water based paints and oil based paints?
1- Water-based or plastic paint:
a paint that depends in its manufacture on acrylic emulsions and is diluted with water. It has several features, including:
- High color retention.
- Low-odor and VOCs.
- Excellent coverage.
- Formaldehyde, ammonia and APEO-free.
- Environmentally friendly.
- Cleanable.

2- Oil-based paint:
a paint that depends in its manufacture on alkyd emulsions and is diluted with thinner. It is characterized by several features, including:
- Smoothness.
- High coverage.
- Excellent Leveling and adhesion.
Which is better plastic water based paint or oil based paint in terms of quality and durability?
We have been keen to produce products on basis of quality and diversity to meet all needs. Both types offer high durability, each with its own unique features. Therefore, you have to determine your needs first, to know the product that best fits you.
Is it possible to apply FLEXI GUARD as a water insulator in swimming pools?
Yes, it can be applied under tiles and before installing ceramic tiles.
What is the best primer for WOOD STAIN product? Is the product suitable for old wood?
(WOOD STAIN) does not need any primer, it can be applied directly on unpainted wood, whether new or old.
Do you have special decorative paints for bathrooms, resistant to water and moisture?
Yes, we have products for bathrooms. We recommend using the following painting system for bathrooms, in the same order:
1- Time C Primer 2- Extreme
3- Time Regal
4- Time Regal Clear
What is the best product for filling wall cracks and holes?
We have various products for filling cracks, including:
1- Ultimate
2- Crack Filler
3- Time Epoxy Crack Filler ESP
* The product is selected depending on the depth and width of the crack or hole.
What is the paint that provides a marble look?
"Time Regal" gives you a stylish marble look. To get to know the product or to purchase, please visit: our store
Do you have products for steel and are they available in multiple colors?
Yes, we have several steel products and are available in a variety of colors.
Do you have fire-resistant products?
We have a wide range of fire-resistant products, including products for wood, such as Firewood 150, and products for fire, such as Firedamp 263.
Do you have a product for leveling curves in a plastered wall?
Yes, you can use Matrix product for leveling and smoothing interior walls, or you can use (Extreme) product for leveling and smoothing exterior walls.
Do you have wood filling products?
Yes, we have (Wood Filler) product for wood repairing by filling cracks and small holes.
What product can remove paint stains from ceramics?
To remove paint stains from ceramics, we recommend using our (Paint Remover) product.
What is the best product for the wall cracks and holes?
We have various products for filling cracks, including:
- Ultimate
- Crack Filler
- Time Epoxy Crack Filler ESP
* The product is selected depending on the depth and width of the crack or hole.
What is the best product for insulating plant tubs?
We recommend for you (Flexi Guard) product.
What is the best insulation product for kitchen and bathroom floors?
For insulating kitchen and bathroom floors, we recommend (Flexi Guard) product. It is used under tiles.
What is the best water insulation product for home roofs?
We recommend (Time Protective) product.
Do you have an adhesive for swimming pool tiles?
We have (Santex) adhesive, and it is suitable for swimming pool tiles.
Do you have a ceramic tile adhesive?
Santex is a high-functioning adhesive to stick tiles.
What is the best exterior paint?
We offer a unique collection of exterior paints that meets our customers' expectations. You can pick primer paints (like Time Maxim or Time Excyl), which are available with various shades of brightness. Or you can pick texture paints such as Time NEWTEX, LINETEX, TIMETEX, MAROTEX, and RUSTIC
What are the best paints for babies' rooms?
You can use (NOVA) paint, which is plain, stain-resistant, and easily washable paint. If you would like to turn the wall into a writable space, you can use our creative product (NOTES).
In terms of quality and durability, which paint is better: water-based (plastic) paint or oil-based paint?
In order to satisfy all of our customers, we are eager to carefully produce our products on the basis of quality and diversity. Both types (plastic and oil paints) have high durability. Each one has its own unique features and advantages. Therefore, you have to determine what you need first. Then, we will offer you the product that suits your needs the most.
How can I know the products prices?
You can find the prices and products details on our online store, or by visiting one of our many branches distributed across the kingdom of saudi arabia.
Do you have odorless paints for interior walls?
Yes, we have (NOVA) product for interior walls, which is characterized by the absence of any odors.
Are the exterior paint products resistant to different types of climates?
Time Paints is proud to produce exterior paints with the highest resistance rate and quality to endure tough and difficult climates and ultraviolet.
Is oil paint easily washable or water-based (plastic) paint?
Time Paints offers water-based (plastic) paints that are stain-resistant and can easily be washed. In addition, these paints (like NOVA) are healthy and almost odorless. Oil paints also are easily washable. But it has a strong smell.
Do we have to use base paint for exterior walls?
Yes, you must use base paint to guarantee strong paint adhesion.
Do you have branches in all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?
We would be pleased with your visit at any of our stores located in all regions of the Kingdom, just visit Our Stores Page and select the nearest store to you.
Can walls be painted in winter?
Yes, walls can be painted in winter, but in case the wall has not been painted before, please make sure first that 28 days have passed since plastering and that the surface has dried completely. We recommend that you follow the technical specifications when preparing the surface to be painted to ensure quality.
How to paint decorative paint on plain paint?
The material of the old paint must be removed, using sandpaper. Then, apply the decorative paint's primer. Finally, apply the final coat of paint.
How to prevent condensation from my walls?
First, the source of moisture must be sealed. Second, the old paint must be removed. Then, leave the surface until it completely dries out. Third, do the following: 1- EXTREME. 2- TIME C PRIMER. 3- TIME SEALERIN. 4- Final coat is selected as per the client requirements.
How to prepare wood surfaces for paint?
First, by removing all kinds of contaminants (e.g., oil, grease, sand, dust, salts, and so forth) from the surface. Second, sanding and polishing the surface. Finally, cleaning the surface from the sanding’s effect by using air or a piece of dry fabric before applying the paint.
How to fix cracks and holes in interior walls?
We open the cracks using grinder stone, creating a V-shaped form on the sides of the crack, and we fill it with one of the following products:
1- Ultimate.
2- Time Crack Filler.
3- Time Epoxy Crack Filler ESP.
Selecting one of the products mentioned above depends on the depth and width of the crack.
How to remove old paint?
Old paint can be removed in different ways, including:
1- Paint Remover.
2- Using grinder stone.
3- Using abrasive blasting.
Is there a warranty on Time Paints' products?
Time Paints is proud to manufacture high-quality products with international standards. Therefore, all of Time Paints' products have a warranty on them if they are applied according to the technical specifications and application method.
Does Time Paints provide paint specialists with guarantee?
Yes, you can book a visit from our Implementation Page on the website, and our representative will contact you and visit your site.
What is the best color for the living room?
The best color for a living room depends on your personal taste. Neutral colors like white, beige, and gray are popular as they create a spacious feel and blend well with any decor. Warm colors like light blue and light green can add a touch of vibrancy and relaxation. visit timepaints' colors collection now.
What are the types of wall paint?
Wall paint types include water-based and oil-based paints. Water-based paints are easy to clean, have low odor, and dry quickly. Oil-based paints provide excellent coverage and a smooth finish but take longer to dry and emit strong odors.
What colors make a room look bigger?
Light and neutral colors like white, beige, and light gray make a room look bigger. Cool colors like light blue and pastel green can also enhance the sense of space. visit timepaints' colors collection now.
How many liters of paint does a room need?
The amount of paint needed depends on the room's size and the type of paint used. To calculate the required amount, divide the wall area by the coverage rate per liter for that specific project.
What are the modern types of paint?
Modern types of paint include antibacterial paints, weather-resistant paints, and decorative effect paints like marble and metallic finishes. Some modern paints are also free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
What are the new color trends?
New color trends vary, but natural and earthy tones like olive green, dark blue, and earthy browns are currently popular. visit our latest color collection (2024 color trends).
Is it better to paint in summer or winter?
Painting can be done in both seasons, but summer is slightly preferred due to the faster drying time of paint. In winter, ensure the surface is completely dry and free of moisture. both seasons will have the same outcome.
What is the difference between matte and glossy paint?
Matte paint absorbs light and reduces the visibility of wall imperfections, while glossy paint reflects light, creating a shiny finish that is more resistant to cleaning. Semi-gloss and flat paint offers a balance between the two for the look and the cleaning abilities.
How much area does a liter of paint cover?
The cover or paint per letter is different between products. visit our huge range of timepaints' products page and read about the coverage for the desired product.
What is the difference between satin and semi-gloss paint?
Flat paint provides a slight sheen and is suitable for surfaces that require regular cleaning. Semi-gloss paint offers a higher sheen and greater resistance to moisture and wear, making it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.
Is putty necessary before painting?
Yes, putty is necessary to improve paint adhesion and cover imperfections on the walls. It helps achieve a smooth surface and extends the paint's lifespan.
How long does paint last on walls?
The lifespan of paint depends on the type and quality of the paint and environmental factors. High-quality paint typically lasts more than 10 years before needing a repaint.
How do I choose house colors?
Choosing house colors depends on several factors including natural light in the rooms, room size, and existing furniture. Light colors create a sense of spaciousness and calm, while dark colors add warmth and elegance. Using our colors page to select your color and select harmonious or contrasting colors for different effects.
Is primer necessary?
Yes, primer is necessary because it enhances the adhesion of the final paint, covers imperfections and stains on surfaces, and helps achieve an even final color. It also increases the paint’s durability.
What type of paint is used for wood?
For wood, it is recommended to use timepaints product (wood stain).

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