Time Rustic

A high quality fine textured masonry paint based on tailor-made emulsion. Characterized by excellent durability, crack-bridging ability and fills hairline cracks, in addition to high anti-carbonation property, thus providing long-lasting protection for building facades.
Recommended Use :
Recommended to use for exterior and interior applications on concrete, cement and brick surfaces of educational institutions, residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Time Rustic

دهانات خارجية

Application Guide

Surface Preparation
  • All new surfaces shall be cured at least 28 days prior to application of the primer.
  • Remove old paints completely from previously painted surfaces.
  • The substrate should have sufficient strength and free from unsounded areas, pug holes, protrusions and pops.
  • Make sure that the surface is clean, dry, free from dust, oil, grease, salt and mold.
  • Fill the holes and cracks with suitable fillers such as "Time Ultimate", "Time Crack Filler" or "Time Epoxy Crack Filler" prior to application of the primer (Refer to TSD).
Application Guide

-For Smooth Design
  • Smooth the surface and make it uniform by using plastic trowel in a circular way.

-For Remal Design
  • Use putty knife in a transverse motion to obtain the desired shape
  • Smooth the surface by lightly touching the metal ruler after wetting it with water in the same direction of Remal design application.

  • "Time Rustic"should be applied by professional painter to get the desired design and spreading rate.
  • During application sufficient pressure should be by trowel for strong adhesion.
  • For any bend or circular surfaces has to be given more attention during application.


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