Time Epoxy Crack Filler

A high quality two-component repair putty, solvent free, based on epoxy polyamide cured which has been modified to fill the hollow spaces and cracks, also for leveling and repairing vertical and horizontal surfaces also corners and edges, in addition to strong adhesive properties.
Recommended Use :
Recommended to use as a filler to fill up cracks, pores and hollows, as well as for repairs purposes, in exterior and interior applications, on concrete, cement, gypsum, wood and steel surfaces. It can be used as an adhesive for glass and ceramic surfaces.

Time Epoxy Crack Filler

دهانات خاصة
Starting From 104.35 S.R

Application Guide

Surface Preparation
  • Surfaces must be clean, dry, and free of dirt, dust, grease, oils, salts, and any other pollutants.
  • For old surfaces, the old paint must be completely removed.

For iron surfaces:
  • The surface must be prepared by sandblasting to achieve a cleanness of 1/2 2Sa and a roughness of 40:75 according to international specifications ISO 8501.

For concrete surfaces:
  • All new surfaces need a period of time of no less than 28 days to dry before application.
Application Guide
  • Fill the pores and cracks well and completely using (Time Epoxy Crack Filler) until the surface becomes flat and smooth.
  • The temperature during application must not be less than 5°C, the surface humidity must not exceed 8%, and the ambient relative humidity must not exceed 70%.
  • The surface alkalinity must not exceed (pH=9).
  • The paint and hardener must be mixed well and carefully before use. Ensure that the mixture of the two components is complete and homogeneous
  • The mixture prepared for paint must be used within the proposed shelf life of the mixture.
  • A sufficient period of time must be given between the two layers, not less than the minimum time between coating the two layers.
  • Do not paint the next layer unless the previous layer is completely dry.
  • Adequate ventilation should be provided during application.
4.24KG Gallon
* Paint coverage depends on various factors like surface type, application method, and tools used. The coverage distance is based on one coat of paint on white color.


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