Time Crack Filler

A Two-component filler for filling cracks and pores based on acrylic emulsion It is designed to fill cracks up to 1 cm.
Recommended Use :
Recommended to use for exterior and interior applications for filling the cracks and holes of concrete, cement and brick surfaces.

Time Crack Filler

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Application Guide

Surface Preparation
  • Surface dust, grease, oil and other contaminants must be completely removed from cracks or holes
  • The surface must be completely removed from dust, grease, oil and other contaminants.
  • The required temperature during application must not be less than 5 degrees Celsius. Surface humidity should not exceed 8% and relative
  • The percentage of humility in the workplace should not exceed 70%.
  • Maximum pH 9.
  • For best performance, wet the surface before applying crack filler and allow it to dry.
Application Guide
  • Apply "Time Crack Filler" until the cracks are completely filled and the surface becomes level.
  • Make sure to stir the mixture uniformly.
  • Mixed paint must be used within two hours.
  • Do not apply the next layer unless the previous layer is completely dry. A minimum recoating interval should be given between the two coats.
  • Adequate ventilation must be provided during drying time.
3.8KG Gallon
* Paint coverage depends on various factors like surface type, application method, and tools used. The coverage distance is based on one coat of paint on white color.


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