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Time Newtex

A fine coat with texture appearance , based on pure acrylic emulsion . it gives smooth , strong , homogenous and attractive finish in a single coat with long furrow line to provide a beautiful decorative finish
Recommended Use :
used as a final coat for exterior application on concrete cement and brick surfaces , over any suitable type of TIME primer . also , it could be used for interior application.

Application Guide

Application Guide
  • Apply a layer of “Time Sealerx” primer according to the “Time Newtex” color and leave it until dry.
  • Apply one layer of “Time Newtex” using two metal trowels.
  • Forming the desired appearance using the plastic bruh, and cleaning the bruh of stuck-on particles with a sponge saturated with water when necessary during shaping.
  • The surface is smoothed and coordinated with a plastic brush to give a harmonious aesthetic shape and appearance (as desired)

  • To achieve the rate of spread and obtain the desired shape, the “Time Newtex” coating process must be carried out by a professional painter
  • Firm pressure must be applied with a trowel or trowel during application to obtain high adhesion.
  • Particular importance must be given when painting circularly shaped surfaces
Containers And Coverage
The theoretical diffusion rate is 0.4 m2 per kg , at a dry layer thickness of 2000 microns
30KG Can
Coverage : 12 m2
* Paint coverage depends on various factors like surface type, application method, and tools used. The coverage distance is based on one coat of paint on white color.


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