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Time Road Marking Paint

A fast drying, based on a high quality thermoplastic acrylic resin developed specially for asphalt and concrete surfaces.
Recommended Use :
Recommended to use as a road marking paint for asphalt and concrete, made roads, runways, parking areas and previously painted surfaces. It can be used with or without glass beads   .

Application Guide

Application Guide
  • Prepare the surface by cleaning it appropriately.
  • Stir the paint well before use until it becomes homogeneous.
  • Apply a layer of "Time Road Marking Paint".
  • The paint must be stirred well until it becomes homogeneous before use.
  • Dilute to the necessary degree of viscosity using “Thinner 505” diluent to obtain the appropriate viscosity for the application.
  • Dust, oil, grease and other contaminants on the surface must be removed.
  • Do not paint over wet surfaces until they are completely dry. In the case of concrete surfaces or asphalt surfaces that are not treated with sufficient pressure, there may be a risk of some cracks or peeling from the edges of the paint layer.
  • Do not paint the next layer unless the previous layer is completely dry. A sufficient period of time must be given between the two layers, not less than the minimum time between coating the two layers.
  • The temperature of the surface to be painted must not be less than 15°C, and the ambient relative humidity must not exceed 60%.
  • To obtain a good reflection of light, an amount of glass beads can be sprinkled over the wet paint surface immediately after painting.
Containers And Coverage
The theoretical diffusion rate is 2.2 m2 per liter , at a dry layer thickness of 190 microns
18L Can
Coverage : 39.6 m2
3.65L Gallon
Coverage : 8.03 m2
* Paint coverage depends on various factors like surface type, application method, and tools used. The coverage distance is based on one coat of paint on white color.


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