Time Semi Timestic

An ideal semi-gloss emulsion paint. Specially designed for exterior and interior applications in all weather conditions.
Recommended Use :
Recommended to use as a Semi-Gloss final coat with smooth touch for exterior and interior applications on concrete, cement, gypsum and brick surfaces.

Time Semi Timestic

دهانات داخلية
بلاستيك نص لمعه
Starting From 26.09 S.R

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Paint Calculator

Application Guide

Surface Preparation
  • Prepare the surface by cleaning it properly.
  • For old surfaces. Remove all old paints and make sure that the surface is free from dust, oil, grease and other dirt.
Application Guide
For Exterior Surfaces:

For Interior Surfaces:

For texture finish (exterior & interior):
  • Apply one coat of "Time Sealerin" and leave for full dry.
  • Apply one coat of texture paint and allow it for full dry.
  • Apply two coats of "Time Semi Timestic".
Containers And Coverage
The theoretical diffusion rate is 12 m2 per liter , at a dry layer thickness of 40 microns
18L Can
Coverage : 216 m2
3.65L Gallon
Coverage : 43.8 m2
1 Liter Can
Coverage : 12 m2
* Paint coverage depends on various factors like surface type, application method, and tools used. The coverage distance is based on one coat of paint on white color.


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